Care, Learning & Play

Next Steps LearningExemplary systems are in place to work in partnership with parents and other professionals to promote continuity in children's welfare, learning and development.

Resources are accessed and skills, interests and expertise is exceptionally well used to support children's learning and development. For example, involvement in the 'Forest school' activities, staffed by an outside service, gives children the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and to use their own initiative to solve problems.

Children benefit from a vibrant nursery environment where space and resources are excellently planned to stimulate their curiosity and interest. The outdoor area provides a rich environment to support a wide range of play and generate learning. Children move freely between the indoor and outdoor environments throughout the day as their play ideas evolve.

Excellent transitional arrangements are in place with schools and other providers to support children in feeling safe and informed of their next steps in life. This includes visits to specific school events made throughout the preceding year.

Children have outstanding opportunities to achieve positive outcomes and are highly motivated in play. All staff are fully engaged with the children, know them well and form genuinely strong relationships with them. This significantly contributes to the children's sense of belonging. Staff place high regard in nurturing children's confidence and encouraging them to become very independent thinkers as the foundation to developing their positive attitude towards learning. A 'can do' mentality is actively promoted which gives the children the confidence to try to achieve tasks themselves.

Staff successfully balance child and adult-led activities to provide children with the appropriate challenge, which means children are fully occupied and enjoying their learning journey. Key persons plan for children's next steps in learning and development using the Early Years Foundation Stage practice guidance, to effectively support children's progress to the early learning goals. A tracking system is used to monitor children's progress. This shows children make significant progress in relation to their starting points and capabilities.

The children's creativity flourishes as they determine the direction of their play.

Children have the space to be exuberant in their movement and enjoy energetic play. The outside environment is accessible throughout the year and children learn how to dress suitably for the different types of weather. The snacks are thoughtfully planned to ensure children have access to a wide range of healthy options.

Purposeful activities, such as, growing vegetables at a community allotment and staff's social interaction with the children at snack or lunch times, greatly impacts on developing their interest in healthy eating.

The nursery excels in meeting the needs of all of the children, they promote their welfare, learning and development needs to a very high standard. Children thrive in this fully inclusive, caring and stimulating nursery.

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